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Street Drugs

The Challenge

During the last decades the abuse of drugs has dramatically increased, becoming a serious social problem worldwide. Every year the United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (UNDOC) publishes an overview of trend of drug consumption, market and production, and new designed drugs in the World Drug Report (Fig. 1). As attested by the report, drug market is in constant and rapid evolution. As a consequence, drug screening technology has improved greatly in order to provide better and faster analytical solutions.
In this field of application, conventional gas chromatography coupled to quadrupole mass spectrometry (GC-qMS) represents an effective procedure for the analysis of drugs both in biological and non-biological matrices. In particular, GC-qMS is the most widely used technique in forensic toxicology laboratory for the confirmation of positive tests and specific identification/quantification, since it offers the required sensitivity and selectivity. These methods generally require at least 20-30 minutes for the chromatographic separation.

The Solution

DANI Instruments presents a new fast method for the analysis of the most common drugs of abuse reported by UNDOC : Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiods (as Heroin and Methadone), their metabolites and adulterants. This single fast approach guarantees the analysis in less than 7 minutes for all the compounds and it’s performed with Master GC – Fast Gas chromatograph – coupled with the high speed Master TOF-MS Plus .


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