New Synthetic Illicit Drugs

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New Synthetic Illicit Drugs

The Challenge

Recent years have seen a rapid increase of new psychoactive substances for sale on the black market and internet websites. These synthetic drugs are marketed as “legal highs” to circumvent law enforcement. New designer drugs become available continuously from the drug traffickers in an attempt to stay ahead of drug prevention legislation.

many of these drugs are isomers and analogs with similar molecular structures and cannot be adequately differentiated using standard analytical instrumentation. Designer drugs give very similar GC-MS spectra and hence this routine drug analysis technique will not consistently provide the analytical information necessary to identify these substances and, as a result, the identifications are not conclusive. However, accredited forensic laboratories are expected to develop analytical schemes which effectively result in no uncertainty in reporting identifications. Fortunately, Infrared spectroscopy is well suited to reduce uncertainty in the identifications.

The Solution

The DiscovIR-GC is direct deposition infrared spectrometer coupled with a gas chromatograph (GC-IRD). Forensic drug exhibits come in a multitude of forms, including residues, liquids, powders and are often complex mixtures. The DiscovIR-GC produces high quality infrared spectra of the individual components in these mixtures, enabling the unequivocal differentiation isomers and analogs. The application notes in the section clearly demonstrate the discriminating power of the DiscovIR-GC.


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