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The Challenge

The quality assessment of essential oils is of primary importance to assure consistency in the production process and to characterize blends or possible adulteration. Conventional analytical methods for essential oils profiling typically produce chromatograms of about 40-60 min, employing conventional capillary columns of 30m or 60 m long, with internal diameter of 0.32mm or 0.25mm. The use of shorter and narrow bore columns enables faster GC oven temperature programs to be used in order to significantly reduce the analysis time, matching the increasing demand of high sample throughput in QA/QC laboratories. The gain in analysis time is significant, typically from 3 to 10 times faster separations, with a peak compression effect which leads to enhanced signal-to-noise ratio while ensuring the overall resolution required in these cases.

The Solution

The high acquisition speed of Master TOF MS Plus provides the best description of fast GC peaks and assures an efficient deconvolution procedure.

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