Flavors & Fragrances


The Challenge

The use of natural or synthetic fragrances and essential oils are largely used in perfumes, creams and cosmetics, but also in detergents, fabric softeners, and other household products.
Several components of essential oils used in a variety of products may cause allergic contact dermatitis and / or irritative skin reactions, when individuals are exposed, on the skin, to a sufficient degree of fragrance allergens.
Cosmetic ingredient information is of primary importance in the prevention of allergic contact dermatitis, and therefore submitted to official regulation by the European Directive 2003/15/EC. This directive mandates that 26 fragrance ingredients in finished cosmetic products must be indicated if exceeding a threshold of 0.01% for rinse-off products and 0.001% for leave-on products.

The Solution

Fast GC, Fast GC-TOF as well as GCxGC-TOF ensure unequivocal identification of the target allergens, even in complex matrices, thanks to the efficient deconvolution capabilities and full mas spectra information. Several benefits are provided compared to conventional GC-qMS in SIM mode operation, as simple method set-up, faster run time and reliable target identification.

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