Air Analysis

Air Analysis

“ Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. By reducing air pollution levels, we can help countries reduce global burden of desease from respiratory infections, heart desease and lung cancer. 
[ Source: Air Quality and Health – World Health Organization ]

The Challenge

The activities of human society all affect the environment. All stages of these activities contribute directly or indirectly to air pollution. Air quality is a worldwide concern and monitoring is essential to estimate impacts on and risks to human health and the environment.
The choice of the most appropriate, simplest and most convenient technique is essential to obtain the necessary data that can provide the basis for developing policies and strategies, setting objectives, assessing compliance with targets and planning enforcement actions.

The Solution

In the following pages a number of solutions that allow to achieve these objectives are presented.
DANI Instruments has continued to implement innovative solutions by introducing in the market very reliable, extremely versatile and easy to use instruments that meet air monitoring real requirements.
Decades of experience in developing applications for the Environmental industry are the basis of the following solutions.

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