Food Processing & Packaging

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Food Processing & Packaging

The Challenge

Industrial food processing at high temperatures have been shown to generate various kinds of genotoxic substances or cooking toxicants
Maillard reaction between carbonyl and ammino compounds taking place at high temperatures is mainly responsible of toxic compounds formation.
Heating processes are also responsible of possible incomplete combustion or pyrolysis of organic matter responsible of toxic compounds formation.
Lipid oxidation reactions, major cause of food quality deterioration, can be also responsible to the formation of toxic compounds due to lipids breakdown.

The Solution

DANI Instruments has continued to implement innovative techniques by introducing in the market very reliable, extremely versatile and easy to use instruments that meet food monitoring real requirements.
Decades of experience in developing applications for the Food industry are the basis of a number of solutions that allow achieving accurate, precise, and reliable results to match the requirements of the regulated Food analysis.

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