Empower Instrument Control

Empower Instrument Control

Thanks to the collaboration between Waters® Corporation and DANI Instruments, the DANI Master SHS Static Headspace and Master GC Instruments can now be controlled by Waters Empower Chromatography Software.
 Through this partnership, customers will now be able to take advantage of the full potential of both companies.
 Empower Software enables laboratory-based organizations to protect their original instrument investment by controlling a wide range of chromatographic modules, connecting them to arguably the most powerful data management system and reporting tool in the industry. Waters Corporation is committed to working closely with DANI as preferred GC partner to ensure customers success and best-in-class solutions over a wide range of application areas including Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Food & Beverage, and Chemical Materials.

For customers that already implemented Waters Empower into their analytical network, the integration of the Dani system offers clear advantages:

  • Same data format and processing operations
  • No additional software training required
  • Data can be disposed and stored in the same way of the other data
  • Full compliance
  • Same users’ configuration



Clarity Chromatography Station

Clarity Chromatography Stations

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Empower Instrument Control

Empower Instrument Control

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Clarity MS Extension


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