Chromazing for DANI

Chromazing for DANI

Chromazing ® is a chromatographic software platform for data processing and reporting GCxGC-TOFMS results:

  • Advances graphical and logical data management of the mono, bi-dimensional and mass spectra for comprehensive data processing;
  • Innovative, versatile, user-friendly and highly customizable workspace interface;
  • Fast and reliable procedure for targeted and non-targeted investigation;


Main Features: 

  • Targeted and non-targeted analysis
  • Absolute and relative quantitation as well as quantitation based standard calibration curves with multiple internals standards.
  • Qualitative Analysis based on total ion current (TIC), single and multi-ion processing or full mass spectra management with an advanced deconvolution algorithm (Patent pending) for  fast and reliable data processing at fast acquisition rate.
  • Data processing results are exportable and exportable in both customized or standard formats.
  • Data processing parameters and calibration curves are automatically saved within file system.
  • Importable and exportable ready-to-use workspace templates.
  • Entended graphics for GCxGC capabilities.


Chromazing ® is a registered mark of Conintek



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Chromazing for DANI

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