The New Concept of High Speed TOF-MS

Master TOF MS Plus

The Ideal Detector for Fast GC and GCxGC

Master TOF MS Plus

Full Mass Range with the Maximum Acquisition (1000 spectra/sec) Speed and Sensitivity

Master TOF MS Plus

An Entire New Dimension of Information to the Analytical Process

Master TOF MS Plus


High sensitivity over the entire mass range, for every single spectrum, for hundred of spectra per second


Fast acquisition speed for generating high-density data points chromatograms


High quality spectra, with no discrimination between low and high masses and a reliable library search process


Best-in-class dynamic range in the chromatographic and in the spectral domain allows quantification with speed, accuracy, and repeatability


Qualitative and quantitative fidelity fueled by fast acquisition speed

Master TOF MS Plus

Time of Flight
Speed is Knowledge

The DANI Master TOF MS Plus has been designed for gas chromatography – mass spectrometry applications, bringing to the analyst the capabilities so far unachievable with quadrupole technology.

Master TOF MS Plus

Productivity has become of vital importance in most modern laboratories.

The automated and unattended processing of a larger number of samples per day is the real challenge to increase productivity and reduce cost/analysis.

Additionally, Fast GC has resulted in a very effective way to address this challenge providing a significant decrease in the analysis time.

However, when a positive identification is mandatory and mass spectrometric detection is needed, Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) is the only technology capable of properly describing very narrow chromatographic peaks due to its fast acquisition rate, independently of the mass range of interest.

DANI Master TOF Plus MS detector performs the fastest acquisition rates (up to 1000 spectra/s) and the widest dynamic range available on the market.

DANI Master TOF Plus is now even more sensitive to match demanding analytical requirement. Approaching the SIM mode sensitivity of common quadrupoles, the new Master TOF Plus is extremely suitable to detect analytes at trace levels, keeping the additional benefits of the full mass spectra information always available.

These capabilities are offered in a truly affordable and extremely compact bench-top instrument.

In combination with the Master GC, the system is the ideal solution for Fast GC and GCxGC analyses to obtain improved productivity and performance.

Master GC

Fast GC Gas Chromatograph
A Breakthrough in Fast GC Performance


Turn-Key Analyzers
Superior Petrochemical Solutions


Time of Flight
Speed is Knowledge

Master AS

Automatic Liquid Autosampler
High Sample Throughput Liquid Autosampler

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
Outstanding Sensitivity

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static Headspace Sampler
Affordable Excellence

Master DHS

Dynamic Headspace Sampler
Ultimate Versatility

Master P&T

Purge&Trap Sampler
Compliant Innovation

Master TD

Thermal Desorber
Extended Sampling, Outstanding Sensitivity

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