Increased Sensitivity with No Sample Manipulation

Master DHS

Analysis of a Wider Range of Analytics

Master DHS

Highest Productivity, Reliability and Ease of Use

Master DHS

Increased Analytical Performance

Master DHS


Sensitivity 10-50 fold compared with Static Headspace


Wide polarity range thanks to trap sorbent material options


No Loss of High Volatile Compounds with the Peltier Optional Device (trapping @-10°C)


Multiple Extraction Capabilities for Sensitivity Enhancements


Qualitative and quantitative fidelity fueled by fast acquisition speed

Master DHS

Dynamic Headspace Sampler

Ultimate Versatility

Master DHS

A Dynamic Approach to High Sensitivity Headspace Analysis 

Extending Sensitivity for a deeper characterization of samples 

DANI Master DHS Dynamic Headspace Sampler provides you with the most sensitive and versatile system for headspace analysis.

In Dynamic Headspace Sampling technique, samples containing volatile organic compounds are placed in a closed vial and after thermostatting and initial molecules’ partition the headspace is purged by a constant flow-rate of inert gas for a fixed time. Volatiles are swept from the headspace and transferred to an adsorbent trap where they are cryofocused and concentrated. At the end of the concentration step, the trap is rapidly heated, the volatiles are desorbed in back-flush mode and sent to the GC column.

When compared to Static Headspace sampling, Master DHS presents two main advantages:

  1. the extraction step is no longer dependent on the thermodynamic equilibrium between the liquid/solid phase and its headspace. It means that extraction is less affected by the sample matrix. This benefit is particularly evident for compounds that show high solubility in the matrix and consequently low sensitivity when the Static Headspace approach is applied.
  2. Increased sensitivity for all analytes as a larger amount is extracted from the sample, concentrated and injected, compared to the Static Headspace approach where only a fixed volume of gas is sampled from the vial.

Master DHS can be used for both liquid and solid samples. Furthermore, it provides analysis of sample “as is“, without requiring the use of solvents for extraction and concentration purposes. This increases the sensitivity and eliminates any concern about solvent toxicity and solvent disposal problems when compared to a liquid extraction technique.

Master GC

Fast GC Gas Chromatograph
A Breakthrough in Fast GC Performance


Turn-Key Analyzers
Superior Petrochemical Solutions


Time of Flight
Speed is Knowledge

PeakBlade 77

GCxGC Modulator
Unfold Complexity

Master AS

Automatic Liquid Autosampler
High Sample Throughput Liquid Autosampler

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
Outstanding Sensitivity

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static Headspace Sampler
Affordable Excellence

Master DHS

Dynamic Headspace Sampler
Ultimate Versatility

Master P&T

Purge&Trap Sampler
Compliant Innovation

Master TD

Thermal Desorber
Extended Sampling, Outstanding Sensitivity

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