Natural Gas Analyzers

Natural Gas Analyzers – NGA

The commercial value of Natural Gas is based on its energy content; hence, composition analysis is strictly required to establish the heating value and BTU content.

Master NGA Analyzers provide an innovative three-channel analysis to fulfill the demand of strict quality control routines.

Based on micropacked columns – PLOT Q and Molsieve 5Achannels 1 and 2 use a TCD: channel 1 uses helium as carrier gas for the detection of permanent gases and channel 2 uses nitrogen to enable the detection of helium and hydrogen. On channel 3 hydrocarbons from C1 to C7 (or higher) are separated on a PLOT alumina column connected to an FID. Sample injection is made through a 10-port sampling valve, while two 6-port valves are housed in the High Capacity Auxiliary Oven to switch between the columns. The efficient sampling technique allows protecting the Molsieve 5A columns, therefore ensuring a long analytical column life-time and highly reliable analytical results. The use of a μTCD not only provides an advantageous increase in sensitivity, when compared to a conventional TCD, but also eliminates considerable carrier gas costs. The novel three-channel method meets the specifications of the ASTM 1945, ISO 6974, ISO 6975, and UOP 539 regulations. Gas properties calculations are automatically performed according to the selected norm by the NGA Extension of the ClarityTM software.

Natural Gas Analyzers

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