The Ultimate Flavor & Fragrance Characterization Solution

GC-MS [TOF] / Condensed Phase FTIR with an Extensive Flavour & Fragrance Library
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Combine the enhanced separation with a simple post-column split to high quality TOF mass spectrometry and condensed phase FTIR.


Enhance the FTIR spectral matching through the specificity of the functional group and “fingerprinting” regions thanks to the increased sensitivity and spectral resolution to ATR & KBr pellet transmission with condensed phase vs vapor phase.


Discover the Flavor&Fragrance TOF MS/FTIR Library: a comprehensive database of about 1500 compounds dedicated to the flavor and fragrance field.


Improve the reliability of identification with this unique library with embedded Linear Retention Indices (LRI).


Exploit the CromatoPlus Spectra, a suitable postrun software for simultaneous spectral and LRI information to obtain an univocal peak assignment for the target compound.

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March 7, 2018
15:00 CET

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