Mixtures of cannabinoids are sprayed onto plant material to manufacture synthetic marijuana. It is advantageous to analyze the extracts of these mixtures with GC-IR to separate the compounds and obtain high quality spectra.
The DiscovIR-GC provides clean, high quality, high resolution solid-phase infrared spectra at 4 cm-1 resolution.  High resolution Infrared Spectroscopy is required to  differentiate the ortho, meta and para methoxy isomers of the cannabinoid 2-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1- (1-pentyl-1Hindol-3yl)-ethanone. The GC-MS of these compounds are very similar.

The DiscovIR-GC is a powerful new tool for materials  analysis. When connected to the outlet of a GC column, the DiscovIR deposits GC eluants as a continuous track on an infrared transparent substrate. The built-in interferometer simultaneously captures a set of time-ordered infrared spectra from the deposited track. The result is a map of molecular structure of all sample components.

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