Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons are byproducts of petroleum processing combustion. Many of these compounds are persistent organic pollutants and, in some cases, highly carcinogenic.

Although they are nearly insoluble in water, their highly hazardous nature justifies the need for monitoring their presence in drinking water and wastewaters.

As proof of this, the Environmental Protection Agency has included 16 PAHs on its list of priority pollutants to be carefully monitored.

U.S. EPA 8100 method provides all the Gas Chromatographic (GC) conditions for the detection of ppb levels of certain Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons.

The aim of the following Application Note is to present the fast analysis of 18 representatives of the PAHs class of compounds at concentrations that meet the EPA method requirements in less than 8 minutes maintaining outstanding resolution power.

The speed of analysis

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