Several EPA Methods indicate the Static Headspace (Equilibrium Headspace) as the preparative technique of choice for the quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Environmental Matrices.

EPA Method 8015d (a method to determine the concentrations of various nonhalogenated volatile organic compounds) , along with the preparative EPA Method 5021a (for the preparation of VOCs in soil/sediment, solid waste, aqueous and water-miscible liquid samples), describes the use of static headspace sample preparation technique in order to obtain the requested minimum detectable level of the volatile compounds.

The present work shows the data obtained by means of the innovative Master SHS Static Headspace Sampler coupled with the Master GC Fast Gas Chromatograph.

Static headspace technique allows a direct approach to the sample. The matrix is placed directly in a 20mL sealed vial and, after a defined incubation time, the VOCs, thanks to an over pressure created in the vial, are conveyed into the 3mL sampling loop and then directly injected into the GC. Thanks to the innovative instrument design, it is possible to choose among different vial and loop presurization modes in order to obtain greatest results in terms of data accuracy.

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