Analysis of Volatiles Organic Compounds (VOCs) in water is of increasing interest due to critical ground contamination from several sources as gasoline, oil spills and industrial solvents.

Especially for drinking water, possible contamination is of great concern for potential human health effect.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strictly regulates the assessment of drinking water quality through method 524.3 in which detection limits and instrumentation requirements are established. Official guidelines require the monitoring of VOCs contaminants in drinking water at progressively lower concentration level and typically the P&T extraction technique is indicated to reach the requested limit of detection.

This work is presenting the use of the DANI  Purge&Trap Sampler (Master P&T)  as viable alternative to classical P&T samplers, highlighting the several benefits of this approach in terms of extended automation, overlapping incubation time capability and absence of cross-contamination between samples.

Besides, particular attention has been paid to the most volatiles compounds in terms of peak shape and recovery.

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