Exposure of workers to hazardous substances must be adequately controlled. Employees are exposed to toxic substances by inhalation and thus the control requires the monitoring of airborne concentrations. The absorption of toxic organic on sorbent tube is the most widely approach used for workplace air sampling.
In the last years, a lot of international and national standards have been published based on capillary Gas Chromatography - Thermal Desorption of sorbent tubes. This technique became thus the solution of choice for occupational hygienists. In the following work the use of sorbent tube/thermal desorption gas chromatography was applied for the determination of Vinyl Chloride, a potential human carcinogen widely used in plastic industry, as refrigerant, and as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in its method ORG 004, established that an employee exposure to Vinyl Chloride must not exceed 1 ppm 8-h time weighted average.
The aim of the analysis is to demonstrate that the Master TD is a reliable and accurate solution for occupational hygienists dedicated to protect workers’ health.

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