In the perspective of a study about all identificable effects on health and welfare which may be expected from the presence of pollutants in any body of water, including ground water, a special attention is reserved to haloethers.

Haloethers are pollutant compounds mostly manufactured and they are used as solvents, chemical intermediates, soil fumigants, pesticides, fungicides, etc. Moreover, haloethers are characterized by their persistence in natural surface waters and can be adsorbed by organic-rich sediments and bioaccumulated in fish.

For the above-mentioned reasons haloethers are under investigation as a possible cause for different types of human deseases.

EPA method 8111 provides gas chromatographic conditions for the detection of ppb concentration of haloethers in water and soil or ppm concentration in waste samples.

Method requirements are achieved in the following analysis with maximum precision and accuracy.

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