Phtalate esters are contaminants mainly used in a large variety of products such as children toys, entering coatings of pharmaceutical pills, cosmetics, detergents, film formers and, more generally, plastic products. Recent studies link phtalates to different human deseases, from disruption for the endocrine system to cancer.

Phtalates are easily released into the environment due to the plastic breakdown and aging. Due to their massive presence in the environment, phtalates are also commonly found in groundwater.

Direct or indirect exposure to these compounds may cause health deseases. Phtalates can be found almost everywhere; for this reason EPA has developed the method 606 in order to quantify them. EPA Method 606 is a gas chromatographic method applicable to the determination of phtalate esters in municipal and industrial discharges.

The application below shows a simple and reliable solution for the analysis of Phtalates.

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