Volatile Chlorinated Hydrocarbons are known for being chemically and thermally stable compounds. Their persistance in air constitutes a health and environment hazard even in comparatively small amounts. In fact, during the past years, the Volatile Chlorinated Hydrocarbons have been identified as important risk factors for humans, causing irreversible pathologies and cancer, and for the environment, as they contribute to the formation of chlorine monoxide, one of the causes of the breaking-down of the ozone-layer.
The individual identification and quantification of pollutants permits to evaluate the influence of some air pollutant sources. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are commonly used as synthetic solvents in various industrial processes, insecticides and their presence can be detected in indoor and outdoor environments at low concentration. For this reason the use of Thermal Desorber is particularly recommanded. In the following work the Master TD Thermal Desorber is used for the analysis of volatile hydrocarbons in air showing the enhanced quality of the analytical results, unmatched repeatability and accuracy with no carryover risk.