Phenols are a class of very common chemical compounds. They can be found in the natural world and they are also used as raw materials and additives for industrial purposes in preservatives, insecticides, and plastics. Releases of phenols in water result from wastewater from manufacturing industries and from commercial use of phenol and phenol-containing products. Phenols have been detected in surface waters, groundwater, drinking water and at hazardous waste sites.

They represent a danger to the environment and to human health. In fact, phenols are hematotoxic and hepatotoxic, provoke mutagenesis and carcinogenesis towards humans and other living organisms. The presence of phenols should be limited to 0.3 milligrams per liter of water to protect human health from the possible harmful effects of exposure to phenol by drinking water and/or eating contaminated water plants and animals.

For this reason U.S. EPA takes into account the analysis of phenols in a variety of methods including EPA Method 604 and 8041.

The following analysis demonstrates a Fast GC Analysis for eleven target compounds in less than five minutes showing a Cost-EffectiveMethod with High Resolution Powerand Excellent Accuracy.

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