DiscovIR GC-FTIR and F&F Library

DiscovIR GC-FTIR and F&F Library:
Unsurpassed Reliability in Flavour & Fragrance Identification

Unique solution for flavour and fragrance identification by means of DiscovIR condensed phase GC-FTIR with spectral library and post run software

Beside drug chemistry applications where DiscovIR GC-FTIR has proved to offer far superior performance vs. conventional light pipe FTIR, a further important field of application for this unique instrument is represented by the Flavour and Fragrance Industry. As a matter of fact the condensed phase GC-FTIR is a cutting-edge combination for the flavour and fragrance (F&F) analysis using a GC to separate the components, an FTIR spectrometer to provide structural elucidation, when not enough information can be obtained from mass spectra, and a dedicated spectra library for the ultimate identification.

Practically, the separated compounds are condensed in small singular spots on a rotating disc, thus distortion of spectra is eliminated, giving an excellent spectral resolution which provides unique IR spectra for the single isomers. Thanks to the condensed phase FTIR nanogram sensitivity can be achieved with the possibility of real-time or post-run data collection and re-analysis of deposited samples. In addition this novel technique is compatible with standard GC columns and injection mode, with a simple flow splitting it can interface with GC-MS instrumentation.

This innovative technique provides the distinction of dia-stereo and positional isomers with very similar MS spectra and retention behaviour, trough the specificity of the “fingerprint” region around 1100 cm-1. Exploiting the enhanced discriminating power a unique condensed phase FTIR spectral library was developed in cooperation with Chromaleont. The GC-FTIR F&F database, including about 1500 FTIR spectrum of pure standards, contains also experimental linear retention indices (LRI) of each compound for identification purpose. Boosting this comprehensive information collection a universal post-run software, namely CromatoPlusSpectra, allow the library searching using the FTIR spectral similarity and LRI filter simultaneously. The combination of the novel GC-FTIR in solid phase with the FTIR F&F library with embedded LRI and CromatoPlusSpectra provide an unsurpassed support for a univocal identification of F&F molecules in a single analysis.

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