DANI Instruments Group, a leader in gas chromatographic instrumentations and solutions announced today at the 2015 Pittcon Conference in New Orleans, LA the launch of a new, innovative GCxGC modulator branded DANI PeakBlade 77.

“DANI PeakBlade 77 is a new concept in GCxGC modulation.” said Umberto Saini Fasanotti, President of DANI Instruments Group. “Our Company has always been supportive of the scientists operating in multi-dimensional chromatography developing Master TOF MS, a ultra-fast MS detector and with PeakBlade 77 we are changing the game in peak modulation, providing better chromatographic performance and lower operating costs.“

DANI PeakBlade 77 “cuts” chromatographic peaks to unfold their complexity and to allow comprehensive insight into sample composition.

Without using liquid nitrogen, the product is able to reach cryofocusing temperatures down to 77 Kelvin, opening analysis of the most demanding molecules and allowing fast chromatography and sharp peaks. The system features an innovative heater design, which allows ultra fast vaporization of cryo-focused molecules resulting in ultra- narrow peak bandwidth.

PeakBlade 77 will be available as part of the DANI Master GCxGC/TOF-MS system or sold to support other GC and GC/MS systems available on the market.

DANI Instruments is a leader in gas chromatographic instrumentation and solutions, providing the market the most complete line of front-end autosamplers, gas chromatographs and TOF mass spectrometry detectors.

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