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Master SHS

Static HeadSpace Sampler
A robust and flexible system to meet complex and versatile needs.

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static HeadSpace Sampler
Rugged, high-quality design for excellent performance.

DANI Solution for PCB Analysis

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are a class of man-made organic compounds with no known natural source, commercially produced for a wide variety of uses in 1900s. Their chemical properties, such as non-flammability, heat resistance, insulation) and physical stability...

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DANI Transformer Oil Gas Analyzers

Transformers are electrical devices used for energy transfer by electromagnetic induction between two or more circuits. Like all electrical devices, faults also happen in transformers which may have catastrophic consequences. When a fault in a transformer occurs,...

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AN 138

New Fast Approach for Achieving USP <467> Compliance With DANI Master SHS Static Headspace Sampler and DANI Master GC Gas Chroamtograph

AN 169

DANI Transformer Oil Gas Analyzer . A reliable, factory-tested solution in compliance with ASTM D 3612 Method C.

AN 170

Analysis of PCBs: a GC-ECD approach to comply with EPA method 8082 requirements

AN 167

Analysis of Ethanol in Blood using Master SHS and Master GC : a solution designed to provide fast and accurate analysis of Blood Alcohol Content.

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