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Unique solution for flavour and fragrance identification by means of DiscovIR condensed phase GC-FTIR with spectral library and post run software

Beside drug chemistry applications where DiscovIR GCFTIR has proved to offer far superior performance vs. conventional light pipe FTIR, a further important field of application for this unique instrument is represented by the Flavour and Fragrance Industry. As a matter of fact the condensed phase GC-FTIR is a cutting-edge combination for the flavour and fragrance (F&F) analysis using a GC to separate the components, an FTIR spectrometer to provide structural elucidation, when not enough information can be obtained from mass spectra, and a dedicated spectra library for the ultimate identification. [Read More]


It has been a long way since the original small group of founders in 1975 started the activity always focused with great enthusiasm and deep dedication to the develop of technologies and commercialization in the gas-chromatographic field.


DANI has built an entire gas-chromatographic platform delivering high-resolution gas chromatography to market through the implementation of high performing GC systems, unique injections’ technologies, ultra-fast detection capabilities.

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Analysis of N-BOMe Isomers by GC-IR

A recent Microgram Journal paper by Casale and Hays at the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (Volume 9, Number 2) reported the characterization and differentiation of 11 commonly encountered N-BOMe derivatives via mass spectrometry and infrared...

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DiscovIR-GC enables the coupling of Gas Chromatography to Infrared Spectroscopy for the separation and identification of several molecules including controlled substances, and hazardous materials.

Master SHS

DANI Master SHS confirms the reliability of the Valve&Loop technique and introduces advanced features for improved performance.
Master SHS is a robust and flexible system to meet complex and versatile needs.

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DANI to provide customers accurate data, efficient workflows, cost savings, and confidence delivering new solutions to market that to meet the upcoming more challenging regulations


DANI provides integrated systems to fully operate USP 467 in a fully compliant manner. The systems are based on proprietary technologies in HS and GC and can accommodate different pre-existing workflows

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